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Your Source for Farm Insurance in Center, TX

America’s farms are an essential part of feeding and maintaining our communities. However, farming can be a risky business. From market fluctuations to the potential for crop failure and natural disasters, farmers need to protect their crops, their investments, and their property. Ensure your equipment, livestock, and employees are fully covered should anything go wrong when you turn to Germania Insurance - M&M Insurance Agency & Associates, LLC,  for farm insurance in Center, TX. Count on our agents to help you find the right coverage for your needs.

The Importance of Keeping Your Farm Covered

Insurance protects the farmer or agricultural business owner from claims and lawsuits resulting from personal injury or property damages due to farm accidents. It’s one of the most effective risk management tools farmers and agricultural business owners use to safeguard their investments.

At our local insurance company, our agents understand how difficult it can be to operate a farm or ranch. That’s why we’re committed to helping you as much as possible to take the workload off of your shoulders. Our knowledgeable, personable agents will take the time to understand your needs before preparing one of our insurance packages for you. Whether you need it for liability reason or you’re proactively protecting your most valuable assets, we’ve got a suitable option for you. Get in touch with our agents to learn more about our flexible insurance packages.

Offering Comprehensive Business and Property Insurance

Even the smallest of farms and ranches require a collection of heavy-duty equipment to run. This equipment can be expensive – so it’s important to ensure your farm can recover soundly should there be equipment accidents, inclement weather, or other unexpected issues.

As a leading insurance company, part of what sets us apart from the competition is our commitment to serving a diverse array of clients throughout Texas, many of whom keep farms and stores stocked and stomachs full of healthy produce. From dairy farms to poultry houses, we covered properties of all types and sizes. Our local insurance company  is routinely called on to protect assets such as:

• Asset Analysis
• Dairy Products 
• Grain Elevators 
• Poultry Equipment
• Specialized Breeder House Products 
• Your Animals
Farm Insurance in Center, TX

Helping You through the Entire Process 

Choosing the right policy for your needs isn’t always easy--especially when your livelihood is on the line. To ensure you’re making the right choice, our dedicated team members will help you consider your every option. We take the same detailed approach helping our clients choose farm insurance that we do house and vehicle insurance. Whatever type of property you’re looking to safeguard, we’ll assist you at every stage in the purchasing process by scheduling your assessment at your earliest convenience.

Contact our company for more information regarding our insurance packages. We proudly serve farmers and agricultural business owners in Center, Texas, and the surrounding areas.